This week in the garden

Indoor seeds we will be sowing include a variety of leeks called Northern Lights. They have a reddish tinge to their leaves. We will start these off in pots. We will also sow a lovely purple coloured kohlrabi in seed trays. These will be planted out in our vegetable beds later on, but by starting them off in the greenhouses we are offering them a little more protection from the elements to ensure that they get off to a good start.

Our little chilli and tomato plants are growing nicely in the propagators in the greenhouse. It is important we keep a close eye on these and keep them watered. Then when they are a little larger, having developed around five leaves, we can start to feed them using a dilute organic liquid seaweed feed once a week.  Last week, we sowed Mustard Purple Frills in the Passive Greenhouse planter – a fabulous spicy burgundy salad crop.  This planter will need regular watering.

Outside in the garden we will be sorting out our leaky hose irrigation system for the vegetable beds. During the winter we took all our garden hoses indoor to protect them from harsh winter weather, but now it is time to set them up again. Some of our manifolds, (the term used for a place where a pipe branches into many openings,) need re-doing, particularly in the lower garden vegetable beds.

A large and lovely pile of manure needs to be moved into our compost bays.