This week we will start taking semi ripe cuttings. People often find it confusing to remember which kind of cuttings we take and when. Short answer – from spring to mid summer we take soft wood cuttings, from midsummer until mid autumn we take semi-ripe cuttings, and after mid autumn (when the wood hardens), we take hard wood cuttings.

Mid July to mid September is the time for taking semi-ripe cuttings which are selected from this season’s growth. The base of the cutting should be hard, while the tip is still soft. It is important to select undamaged, healthy shoots without flowers, and wherever possible to choose shoots with short internodes (the spaces between the leaves).

Cuttings should be taken early in the morning and kept cool and in water until being made into cuttings as soon as possible.

We will be making cuttings from the red grape in the herb garden, as well as Coronilla, and winter flowering honeysuckle, Lonicera fragrantissima.

Other garden jobs include harvesting our gooseberries, red currant and josta berries. Fairly soon our raspberries will also be ready for harvesting.

There are a few vegetable beds that have been harvested and in these we will be sowing green manure seeds including agricultural Lupins, Phacelia and Alphalfa.

Then the usual watering, weeding, feeding of plants and checking for pests, which for us are mostly a range of green, orange and black aphids. Come on you ladybirds and help us out!

Some appeals
A bag plea
 – we need more second hand plastic or sturdy paper bags if you have spare ones – so that customers can carry their plants home in them.

And….we need volunteers to help at our 2 open air music gigs coming up on Friday 30th July (Faith i Branko) and Saturday 31st July (Mambista and Soothsayers).  If you are free from 5pm to 11pm on either evening (or part of), please contact Kate on Also, whilst Mambista is sold out, but there are still tickets for Faith i Branko, so do spread the word to people. Booking is here

And on Sunday 15th August, there’s also another great Mambista gig on with Alvorado.  Let Kate know if you are able to volunteer to help at that and again do spread the word about the gig.

If you are deadheading flowers and seedheads over the coming weeks, that you think will dry well, please do think of saving them and bringing them up to BPCG.  We will dry them and use them in Christmas wreaths.  We particularly like agapanthas, alliums, hydrangeas, love in the mist, poppy seed heads etc… get the picture!  Thank you!

In other BPCG news

Sally’s Saturday yoga has new times: 10 – 11.30 am Slow Flow Yoga, 12 – 1.00 pm Gentle Yoga.  It’s on every Saturday except the last of the month.  12 spaces per class on our decking amidst the flowers, trees, birds and bees. Book in advance here:

We were really sad to learn that the Walled Garden’s black mulberry fell over on the night of Thursday 15th July.  It’s unlikely it can be restored back to growth though the parks team are trying.  In the meantime, what had to be chopped down, BPCG have saved in order to try and make seating or tables from – and the Greenwoodworkers are also going to make utensils too from the wood. What a shame – but we hope we can preserve something for posterity. Do read more about this historic tree here

In other news

The Orchard Project are now offering London-based Weekend Courses starting in August covering everything from Orchard Foundations to Design and Survey as well as Orchard Care. If interested visit:  Please note there are also large discounts if people book all 3 weekends as well as subsidised places on offer.

Twin UK are offering volunteers an opportunity to do a free online training as a level 3 ESOL teacher. ESOL is English for speakers of other languages.  You need to be:

  • Aged 18+
  • Living and working in London
  • Existing volunteer or employed (including self-employed)
  • Earning below London Living Wage (£21,000) or if in receipt of a pension a higher amount will be taken into consideration.
  • Able to deliver ESOL provision to London learners (those who live or work in London) in a face-to-face or community context. (This can include helping individuals understand and complete forms or any verbal activity to help individuals understand English).

If you would like to know more please contact: or phone  07518902715

Photo:  Herb Cuttings by Corpus Christi students