This week we will be harvesting the first batch of our damsons from the orchard for Tony to work more delicious magic on in his fantastic Brockwell jams. There will be plenty more harvesting to do of raspberries and tomatoes too.

Back in May, we harvested a lot of elderflowers to make cordial but there are still some tantalising elderberries coming ripe now around the gardens – albeit a bit high up so we’ll need to use our ladders.  We will make syrups from the elderberries and also from our rosehips. Both are said to be fantastic at warding off colds and boosting your immune system due to their high Vitamin C content.

NEW AT THE SHOP this week are Apple and Chilli Relish which we have made from BPCG and local apples ‘scrumped’ by Dawn. We also have a lovely new Gardeners’ Hand Scrub, made from rose petals and sugar mixed with Fairtrade Apricot Kernels and Apricot Kernel Oil sourced from Mountain Fruits in Northern Pakistan, a farmers association who Kate used to work with. The scrub will leave your hard working gardeners’ hands soft and smooth with a hint of the scent of marzipan and rose….

Enough of the sales schmooze…..we have DIY to get on with in the kitchen sealing over and tidying up the small window above the sink to create yet more storage space in …..YES at last we shall have a drainer!  We also have garden signs that we need to apply spray varnish to, to make them weatherproof before we can put them out around the garden. Some of our existing interpretation signs need re-writing and varnishing too as they are looking a little tired.

And…on Saturday, weather permitting, we are going to prime the roof of our Cob Oven.

There’s a fair amount of sweeping up of garden paths needed to keep them clear of falling acorns and leaves knocked off by our lively squirrels. We also need to keep cutting back fast growing prickly brambles and stinging nettles.

This Saturday 22nd August, Andy Petch is re-starting his outdoor Tai Chi Classes at BPCG.  Join him at 9am to 10am for a great start to your weekend.  For more information and to book, go here.  These classes will be every Saturday until the cold weather really sets in.  If rain is forecast, the canopy on the decking will keep participants dry.

No Yoga this Saturday 22nd, but Sally is back again for her two classes on Saturday 29th Aug (11 to 12.30, and 2 to 3.) For more information, go here 

Fancy a snail race, some twig weaving and berry ink writing?  We’ve brought out a booklet ‘Fun for Families’ putting together many of our best nature games and activities for you and friends to do with kids this summer and autumn….. We have also put together some lovely Nature Trails around the gardens. There’s a Sound Trail, Summer Mini Beast I-Spy and Herb Snap.  Ask at the BPCG shop for these free leaflets and trails and a pencil and clipboard to use around the garden. Thanks to the London Community Response Fund for funding this.

Are you or anyone you know interested and qualified in using nature and wildlife activities to support wellbeing in people with dementia? If so, there’s a very interesting job being advertised by Froglife. For more information go here.  Deadline to apply is midday 16th September.

Last but not least, at the shop we have lovely Masks made by MakerSpace South London.  You can take one of these for free or you can take one and donate something to Makerspace who are just over half way to a £10k goal to make as much PPE as possible to keep us safe from Covid.  You can donate by cash but we would prefer card if possible.