This week you can read Cat & Dafydd’s guide to growing soft fruit in London. We’ve been growing fruit bushes for a long time at BPCG and this year we have plenty of lovely young fruit bushes for sale grown from our own cuttings. Support your local community greenhouses by buying one  and get your daily exercise by collecting it at our gate by following the collection arrangements.  Any questions on after-care, come to BPCG GQT – see below!

As you probably know, Lambeth closed Brockwell Park on Sunday but re-opened it on Monday. Lambeth have asked us to circulate this guidance on using parks and green spaces safely during Covid-19. 

Lots of you have said how much you are missing visiting the Greenhouses. We have put together this little ‘photo album’ of images we took recently.  Do look at our Instagram page too.

If it’s Greenhouse people you are missing, you might enjoy Gardeners Question Time with BPCG this Saturday at 11am. Please reply to this email with any question you would like to put to the panel.  If you can ask it yourself on Saturday by joining us on Zoom, so much the better.

We had an interesting GQT session last week.  One of the questions was about best plants for a shady dry area.  Here’s Chris’s shady plant guide he prepared for it.

On site, once we have our greenhouse irrigation finally sorted there are more bush tomato plants to take out of the heated propagators, to pot up and feed and place under the automated irrigation system.

It is time to sow the rest of our root vegetables in the lower four crop bed.  This week we will be directly sowing parsnips ‘Tender and True’, Salsify ‘Sandwich Island’ and Scorzonera ‘Duplex’. We will also be sowing three different varieties of carrots, Amsterdam forcing, Dragon Purple, and Rainbow Mix. 

It is really important that freshly sown vegetable beds are regularly watered because the seeds need sufficient water to germinate and young seedlings are very susceptible to drought.  Therefore we will make sure that the areas where we have freshly sown vegetables are watered at least once a day, and twice a day in warm weather.  

There are some attractive little salad seedlings, about 5cm in height which we have started off in the greenhouse. We will be planting these out into the kitchen garden.

The trench (for the new power supply to the lower greenhouse) is now almost complete and will soon be ready to be lined with sand and have the cables laid. Then we will have a power supply in the lower greenhouse and we will be able to set up an automated irrigation system inside that greenhouse too! 

More BPCG Zoom sessions
Jelena’s next fermentation workshops
 via Zoom are on Friday April 10th and Saturday April 25th 11am to 1pm. Find out more here and here

Emma’s Singing Group is meeting online every Wednesday 4pm to 5pm. Find out more here

Help needed locally in Corona Crisis
Norwood and Brixton Food Bank have requested if anyone with a van who is up for helping with food pick ups and deliveries during Covid-19 could contact Mona at  They have many car drivers but a van driver with van would be very helpful.  To donate food and other items, please visit this page for instruction on where to drop off and what is needed. 

Southwark have published this useful guide to how you can help out and volunteer at many different charities in the borough during Covid-19.

We hope you are keeping as well as possible during this difficult time.  Please do reply to this email if you would like any assistance with shopping, would like a phone call or have other concerns/questions, and we will do our best to help. Many volunteers have offered practical assistance. 

Looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible