In the garden this week we will be preparing the ground beside the boysenberries, weeding and adding more compost from our compost heaps. Then we will take the new long shoots of the boysenberries and layer them. Layering is a simple form of propagation which consists of bending a shoot down to soil level, wounding the shoot and then covering it with soil to encourage it to root. Once it has rooted ( a number of months later) it can then be severed from its parent to produce a new plant. Layering is an easy way to make more plants.

Harvesting for this week will include ongoing harvesting of tomatoes, raspberries, figs, rose hips and elderberries.

Last week we sorted out our two freezers, so berries go into the upright freezer and everything else goes into the chest freezer. If you are putting anything into the freezer please weigh it, then write on the freezer bag what is inside and how much it weighs. There is a paper inventory of what we have in the freezers hanging on the wall above the chest freezer. Please make a note on this whenever you add anything to the freezers and equally if you take produce from the freezer, please record this too. In this way we hope to become more organised about knowing what produce we have in the freezers and this will help us plan how we use our produce.

There is still some space in our misting unit in the upper greenhouse so we will be taking more herb cuttings of Jerusalem sage, sage, rosemary, curry plant, French lavender, and lemon verbena. We will also make some rose cuttings and put these in the cold frames to over winter.

Other jobs for this week include tidying our tool shed and nissan hut and auditing the garden tools. After this week’s strong winds we will tidy around the site sweeping paths, especially those under oak trees which keep on getting covered with fallen acorns.

On Saturday 29th August, Andy Petch is running his outdoor Tai Chi Classes at BPCG.  Join him at 9am to 10am for a great start to your weekend.  For more information and to book, go here.  These classes will be every Saturday until the cold weather really sets in.  If rain is forecast, the canopy on the decking will keep participants dry.

Also on Saturday 29th August, there’s Outdoor Yoga with Sally, 11am to 12.30pm, and 2 pm to 3pm for a gentler session. For more information, go here 

On Monday 31st August, we have 3 free places for BPCG volunteers at an Outdoor 5Rhythms Session run at BPCG  5.30pm to 7.30pm.  Email if you’d like one.

Fancy running a snail race, some twig weaving and berry ink writing?  We’ve brought out a booklet ‘Fun for Families’ putting together many of our best nature games and activities for you and friends to do with kids this summer and autumn….. We have also put together some lovely Nature Trails around the gardens. There’s a Sound Trail, Summer Mini Beast I-Spy and Herb Snap.  Ask at the BPCG shop for these free leaflets and trails and a pencil and clipboard to use around the garden. Thanks to the London Community Response Fund for funding this.

A job opportunity – Are you or anyone you know interested and qualified in using nature and wildlife activities to support wellbeing in people with dementia? If so, there’s a very interesting job being advertised by Froglife. For more information go here.  Deadline to apply is midday 16th September.

An apprentice opportunity – Fulham Palace are recruiting for a new garden apprentice at Fulham Palace.  If you or you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass go here for more information. Closing date Monday 14th September.

Last but not least, at the shop we have lovely Masks made by MakerSpace South London.  You can take one of these for free or you can take one and donate something to Makerspace who are just over half way to a £10k goal to make as much PPE as possible to keep us safe from Covid.  You can donate by cash but we would prefer card if possible.