This week at the BPCG online shop, we have Damson and Gooseberry Jam for sale (both made from BPCG fruits) as well as Lemony Marmalade (made by the same fair hands of BPCG volunteer Tony). There’s South London honey too.

Plants-wise, we have Cosmos, Euphorbia (Spurge) Penstemon, Brugmansia, Bearded Iris and still a few herbs and fruit bushes too. Visit our online shop here and then come collect at your pre-booked time Thurs/Fri/Sat.

Garden Jobs this week, we will move our chilli plants down into the (drum roll….) now electrified lower greenhouse!  We will also plant out our cordon tomatoes. This will create more space for us to be able to grow more beans and sunflowers.

Many thanks to everyone who helped to dig the trench for the electrical cable to the lower greenhouse. It was really hard work!

Now that the electrical cable’s trench has been filled in we are ready for a little brick laying alongside the lower greenhouse to create a wee wall. Then we will replant the blackthorn hedge that had to be moved in order to allow the cable to be laid. 

It’s pretty dry out there so we will also be going up to water Sol’s pine tree in the park.

This week’s Gardeners Question Time is on Saturday at 2pm. Join in by clicking this link.  If you’ve a burning gardening question, do reply to this email with your question, or of course take your chance and put the panel on the spot on the day!  To watch past episodes, visit our Youtube channel here

Jelena’s next Food Fermentation class on Zoom is on Saturday May 9th 11am to 1pm. For more details on how to book, go here . This week’s session concentrates on creating Piccalilli Sauerkraut and Brined mezze.  Highly recommended!

Would you like to grow food for your local community? If so, join Incredible Edible Lambeth’s scheme to find 100 households to grow food from seed to seedling stage and then hand on those seedlings to people in your community who you know would benefit. The aim is for each grower to hand on seedlings to 10 households.  IEL and BPCG can help with this stage if you, understandably, feel you can’t distribute. If this interests you, the only requirements are to become a member of Incredible Edible Lambeth (it’s free and links you in with dozens of other growers) and that you live in Lambeth. Contact today for more information.  

Tune into Radio 4 this Sunday 10th May at 7.45am or 9.25pm to hear The Orchard Project’s patron, Alys Fowler doing a Radio 4 appeal to help raise funds for The Orchard Project.  Cat and Dafydd both had excellent training with the Orchard Project and we are fans and friends of theirs.  Please tell your friends.  Here is the link

And finally, read this Guardian article about this interesting initiative in Hackney where people are chalking up the names of the valiant little wild invaders growing in the cracks of our pavements if they are not sprayed.  It’s very relevant to Lambeth as the council is also phasing out glyphosate pavement spraying. Read about that here.