This Sunday 24th Feb, the Renovate! group will be continuing their work in the Lower Greenhouse. There are several jobs that we want to get done. We need to fit guttering along the North East side of the greenhouse and this means fitting fiddly brackets to the Aluminium lip. We’re also going to fill the floor cracks with Epoxy mortar. And we need to start filling in the holes in the walls with ordinary mortar and brick bits. We’re hoping some of our regulars are going to be available but there is work for all. As usual you can turn up anytime between 10.00 and 3.00 and you will be most welcome!

From 1st March to 31st May, Cat and Chris will be running regular plant production sessions for volunteers every Thursday and Sunday. In just 3 months you’ll nurture tender seedlings into flowering or fruiting plants. You can join in every Thursday and Sunday from 11.00 and help to produce all the plants we need this year.

On Sunday 3rd March, Cat’s running a free workshop on the theory and practice of seed sowing 11am to 1pm to which you are most welcome.

This week we will be sowing the seeds of Cordon tomato varieties. Cordon tomato plants grow taller than bush tomatoes, and they will need staking to support them and their fruit later in the season when we plant them outside. Varieties include:

Purple Ukrainian, a good early plum type tomato which does really well in the UK, making tall plants that set trusses of really large, deep purple plum tomatoes the size and shape of a goose egg with attractive dark green leaves and an interesting ‘feathery’ appearance.

Amish Paste, a giant plum tomato, originally from the Amish community with a very dense flesh and a really good tart flavour so ideal for cooking.

Red Zebra, a tall vine tomato that develops lighter golden stripes as it ripens.

We will also kick off our herb collection by sowing flat and curly leaf parsley. Parsley can be a slow starter taking up to 25 days to germinate.

Having completed laying leaky hose all along the fern bank, this week we need to edge the path running alongside it.

On Thursday 21st February, there’s a volunteer meeting at 2.30pm to which all are welcome