16th August 2019 BPCG staff meeting minutes


Staff and volunteers present: Helen, Cat, Kate, Cathy, Chris, Joshua


Review of last meeting

1) Next new volunteers day: 8th September 2019 2.30pm

  • Kate to send template to Cat
  • Cat will email all new vols to welcome, and send the next new vol day 
  • Cat/Chris to decide October date on 8th September


2) Hampton Court

  • Chris to contact Seonaid Royall in Autumn re. Future education garden area


3) Country Show was a great success, well done everyone and many thanks


4) Lambeth Palace Garden trip: 30th August 1pm

  • Joshua to cover Cat 12pm – 5pm (Also Joshua to cover 29th August)
  • Cathy and Cat to collate names + email all sign ups (timings and directions)
  • Cathy to check garden museum cards/group membership, email IEL@gmail.com


5) Canopy – fixed!


6) RHS – many thanks to everyone, results in mid September


7) Kitchen renovation

  • We have until mid feb
  • Renovate! Style group
  • Chris/David to organise


8) Barn – congratulations! 2000 votes, many thanks to all!

  • Fundraising drive begin mid- Sep 2019
  • This public fundraised contribution will be for Phase 1 of Raise the Barn: to renovate upper greenhouse. This will include: repair floor, take out all glass, reseal all windows, replace plastic, replace plug sockets. Back ? of Greenhouse will not be refurbed (due to barn build plans). 
  • Just Giving/DOnate at till.
  • Staff to change email sig to include donate button (*staff also need to remove sustainability and film links out of date)
  • Staging will be back in lower greenhouse in Feb ready for March growing
  • Passive Greenhouse: wood for beds to increase warm planting capacity
  • Plan to have radiant heaters for upper greenhouses


9) Corp volunteering

  • Any leads please share! We have some bookings but looking for more.


10) Communication

  • All making good effort to improve communication in verbal and email comm, also improving comm with staff and vols attending mixed meetings. Keep up good work!


11)  Thursdays – Education on Thursdays

  • CUrrently an ‘overflow’ day for small groups + story stompers
  • Future – how can we offer whole class visits? 1 yr – 18 months time. Currently able to in good weather only.


12) Key cupboard keys shortage – Helen to cut 2 keys


New agenda items


A)Watering System problem – someone turning off taps on timed watering system

  • Helen to ask Chen Mei to bring daughter to discuss taps
  • Helen and Cathy to check watering system okay before locking up
  • ALSO H to ask Chen Mei to come in with daughter for conversation with Cat Thurs or Fri 9-5. Cat to decide what to say re. Veg bed.


  1. B) Social Media drive
  • Thank you Joshua!
  • Schedules posts every 2 weeks. Hootsuite limits this (or £25 per month)
  • Helpful if other staff/vols can share ‘evergreen content’ (images that can be posted any time eg. kids workshops)
  • So far proving effective eg. 60 new followers, reach is increasing
  • To improve posts: google top # for your post and share with image
  • All share photos on whatsapp photo group


  1. C) New Parks Development officer: Tom Smith
  • Helen met and arranging 3 autumn school visits to new wild area by house on hill
  • Paid for by Lambeth park funding for this project


  1. D) Leaflets + Business cards
  • Think about replacement in autumn
  • Business cards useful as less waste when people only want email
  • Kate to order Chris BPCG business card: name and email only
  • Also second card with garden@ and Education@ emails


Next meeting 26th September 3.30pm