Our part-time staff are:

Kate Sebag – Director

Kate’s professional background is in Fairtrade sales and marketing but she is also a keen amateur gardener. Kate has been a garden volunteer with BPCG since Spring 2013. As well as gardening, she also developed our events programme and sales of plants and produce. She became Director of BPCG in July 2016.

Kate has volunteered with the horticultural therapy charity Thrive and studied RHS level 2 in Horticulture at Capel Manor. Kate loves working in Brockwell Park which has been her local park since 1986.

Cat Stevens – Community Gardener

Cat joined the BPCG staff team in September 2016. She is a professional gardener, art psychotherapist, potter and stained glass maker.  She has an RHS Level 3 Diploma in the Principles and Practices of Horticulture, a Masters in Psychoanalytic Studies and a Post Graduate Diploma in Art Psychotherapy.  She also has a BA in Sculpture. She is licenced to drive buses and is a pretty good fiddle player!

Cat likes to engage people from all walks of life in gardening and she is a strong advocate for the restorative powers of horticulture and the arts. She believes that gardens are full of images and metaphors about living and dynamic processes. Engagement with the living world, our breathing planet, are an enriching experience open to all.

Our Trustees are:

Chris Smith (Chair)

Chris has been gardening for 40 years and his horticultural interests have been many and varied over that time. An adventurous gardener by nature, he was converted to exotics in 1993 by Christopher Lloyd and been growing Cannas, Bananas and Gingers ever since. He’s interested in ornamentals and rhizomatous plants as well as exotic medicinal and culinary herbs and vegetative propagation and supports the Community Gardener’s activities in these areas in the greenhouses and around the garden.

Chris has a background as a senior manager and entrepreneur in telecoms and retail and is also a qualified teacher.

Andrew Oxley (Treasurer)

Andrew Oxley is a retired Management Accountant who has recently moved to South-East London. He has been involved in number of charities in financial and operational roles (CIMA Benevolent Fund, TaxHelp for Older People and Accountant for a Methodist Circuit). He concedes that in the past his approach to gardening has largely been of necessity rather than as a labour of love and wonders whether his involvement with BPCG will change this.

David Roy

David is on the right...

As a local lad, much of my childhood was spent and misspent in Brockwell Park. Growing up in a gardening family, as a kid I got hooked on cacti, succulents and insectivorous plants and I was the youngest member of the Lambeth Cactus and Houseplant Society.

After working for some years in the US and Europe in science and engineering, EU policy, and project management, volunteering at the BPCG has been a great way to return to my roots. I have been a regular volunteer since 2016 and have enjoyed sharing the joy of growing stuff, making new friends, learning some new skills and improving others – and I am crazy about glasshouses. I am a BBKA qualified Beekeeper and can often be found helping out in the apiary.

Joshua Piercey

Joshua PierceyJoshua began volunteering at BPCG in spring 2019, and has lived somewhere in the neighbourhood of Brockwell Park for nearly ten years. He has recently begun a Technical Diploma in Horticulture, leaving a career as a copywriter, marketing creative and digital growth expert to begin a new one doing “anything as long as it’s outdoors.” When he’s not doing that he bakes above-average bread and writes below-average fiction.



Janet Worth

Janet became a Trustee towards the end of 2019. Her background is in the public sector and she is a solicitor by profession. She loves gardening (particularly things you can eat or that are bee friendly) and she sees becoming a Trustee as the opportunity to give something back to the community now that she has retired. She also sees it as a chance to make new friends, learn more about the technical side of gardening. And help at some of the diverse events that are organised at the greenhouses.