Minutes of June Staff Meeting 2019.

Apologies from Cathy. Helen, Cat, Chris and Kate present.


Review Minutes of March Meeting

New Volunteer Day for Sept/Oct – date to be confirmed


Hampton Court Believe in Tomorrow project with Seonaid – this has been a great opportunity and we are grateful to Seonaid for her collaboration with us.


Toilet – still not good. Helen has had 3 complaints.  Albert would benefit from guidance on skirting and wall clean down. End of Sunday, please can it at very minimum have bin empty and floor clean down. Otherwise hygiene and tidy up is much better. Well done and thanks to all!


Today’s agenda 


Staff meetings should take place every 4 (max every 6 weeks).  Lead volunteers are welcome to attend these meetings.  Minutes of the meetings should be circulated with volunteer meeting agendas. Ideally staff meetings should take place the week or 2 weeks before volunteer meetings (hence monthly). They can take place on Thurs/Fri/Tues. Helen to consult with Cathy when next one should be.


Country Show July 20th and 21st  On Friday, we will need volunteers to set up the tent with table etc. over at the show. Please can Cat and Andy organise a team to do that on Friday?  Then on Saturday we will run over the plants on trolleys. Kate will run Saturday, Cat will run Sunday.  Kate will email out request for a.m. and p.m. help from volunteers for both days in weekly email.  Chris will sort out Izettle so that it links to Cat’s phone for the Sunday. New request: Can we use Helen’s phone + Izettle for Saturday (not Kate’s all the time.)


Use of Canopy on Lower decking  must always be rolled back at end of day whether wet or not in case of any high winds.  Both vertical ropes should be pulled (to put out) or ‘pushed’ (to pull back) simultaneously, NOT one at a time as this screws it all up. If in doubt, seek advice!


RHS judging is happening on July 11th at 3pm.  Chris is showing her around. All possible hands ‘on deck’ to weed/tidy/remove trip hazards etc. in weeks before.  Look out for and remove/remedy things we have become accustomed to but are not so appealing to the visitor! Put your RHS judges hat / glasses on!


Kitchen renovation.  Is going to take place, under Chris guidance, either in July or August. Chris to let us know. Will start with tidy, clean and varnish of all walls, and varnish/oil of  surfaces? Fridges needs emptying of randoms b4 or on Sat 29th June b4 party.


WREF purchases – please can all continue to report to both Kate and Andrew on expenditure using the reporting forms on G Drive and by emailing notification that you have purchased.

Barn – The ballot box in the Upper Greenhouse will become a collection box in the Upper Greenhouse so we can start collecting for the first stage of the Barn project which is to renovate the Upper Greenhouse. People will be able to give cash / donate at the till with a card / if they prefer go to the Just Giving page and donate there and then on the Ipad or of course at home.  Chris will ‘bookmark’ Just Giving on the Ipad for easy use.
Email Signatures – once the Just Giving page is up and running(v.soon) all staff and if they wish, lead volunteers, should change their signature in emails to include this – and prob get rid of RHS 2018 and Sustainable City link…at least for now…


Barn next steps – Phase 1, November to June, reglaze, reseal, get rid of most of piping, re-do electrics, sort out south wall, make ‘cold frame’ into a bed. (consider ‘breaking’ bed into sections so families/classes can gather around 3 sides.  Kate has emailed Corporate Vol agencies for Autumn support.


Corporates – days coming up. Max of 10 – 27th June. 4th, 5th July, 11th, 18th, and 25th July.
1st Aug and 12th Sept (these last 2 are only afternoons and gentle)

Communication btw everyone – this needs to be wide, inclusive, continuous, exemplary, kind, clear and communicative. All of us need to think always about who should be informed about things and how best.


Thursdays  – with esp Thursdays but other days too, we now have a number of parallel activities going on on site so we are/need to be vigilant about ‘zoning’ and planning for this so that everyone knows e.g. that corporate group coming on site / a nursery group / school group. Helen splits her children’s groups on Thursdays always into 15 at a time so that it remains safe for all.  She and Cat / lead volunteer to liaise on when Seating Circle / other areas of garden needed. When wet, it’s essential that she can use either UGH or LGH.


Security – Kate to get Keys to glass door into Office Container cut so that it can be locked during day. Key to be distributed to lead volunteer and staff key holders. Continue please with safety for till key, key cabinet and regular donation box emptying


Better Fridays – small space to be allocated in UGH for their plants and activities with a sign.

Extensions to staff contracts Kate to send these out by end of June.


AOB – Helen showed Kate stationary plastic drawers in office just next to photocopier. Let’s keep this replenished e.g. with bluetack, marker pens, sellotape,

Cat to update Google Calendar so we know who is lead volunteer on Saturdays


Alvalle Site Hire all day Sat July 6th. Site closed, no gardening, no visiting. Kate and Andy to cover. Kate to do seed planting exercise (Alvalle provide all materials)


NCS  Induction and tour days (1 hour ).  Cat to cover Fri 26th July 2 to 3

Cat or Chris Thursday 1st August 2.30 to 3.30 (with lead volunteer who is doing 3 August 2 to 3pm tour to shadow), 3 August lead volunteer. Cat to confirm who is lead volunteer

LGH – will be available for use and free of staging up to Feb 2020. 
Feb to Nov 2020, work starts in earnest in UGH.  Helen requested that reglazing is scheduled for holidays / half terms with absolute strongest preference being in July 2020 as this is the quietest time for work with children and strongly requests that it does not take place during term time in April or May.  


Next meeting Thursday 15th August 2019