Staff Meeting 11.12.2017, Kate, Cat, Helen, Cathy

Volunteers   (Garden Museum trip 19th Jan 2pm to 4pm) – put in the diary DONE
Schools Letter + 4/5leaflets out to local primary schools with garden volunteers….- Cat to initiate with garden volunteers. A piece of paper to go in the box so that people can say which schools they are going to take the envelopes to.  Also should give to parents e.g. at Story Stompers. Volunteers to be instructed to give to the school office administrator saying: That we have a great programme of outdoor learning at BPCG headed up by a new team, keen to make contact with local schools. There are leaflets for e.g. Head of KS1/2, Headteacher, PTA, Science teacher etc…

London Community Foundation – Lambeth Wellbeing Fund the Friday morning sessions funded and to take place from 16th March – 32 sessions….to 19th October
Meeting to plan publicity, course content and where to place it: – Thursday 18th Dec 2pm;
Average attendance hoped for 10 people per session…..Necessity for Cat to recruit lead volunteer to run parallel sessions.

Wassailing- on 21st January. 

There is a tree pruning workshop 11 to 3. All of them are invited to wassail 4pm to 5pm.

Kids workshop 3pm to 4pm
Val is going to sing/guitar, and her sister. Cat on Fiddle. Helen and Daisy to sing too.
Can I leave Helen, Cat and Cathy to co-ordinate the music and the parade around the Orchard?

Kate to be in charge of hot beverages (mulled apple juice and cider)and will co-ordinate with Ella from Orchard Project about this.

Update on Treasurer Recruitment   – expect to appoint by 21st December. Rosie to induct January and February


  • Lighting; Chris working on this.
    Corporate jobs list;
    Input on Decking design from H&C – ORGANISE A WORK DAY FOR MAKING A PLANTER ON DECKING (with pizzas and herby flatbreads);
    Open Sheds – hope that 2 of these at least should be allocated to art/craft space if possible

Paths to a Classroom…Good discussion about this, all 3 to put forward written views on it by mid January, in note form

25th Jan to 6th Jan – closed for xmas and new year

SLBI – collaboration…. – Twilight collaborator at SLBI session 31st Jan, update – Sue Sheehan doing this from IEL

Water Collection and distribution around site– please keep your ears open for any good examples of this at other community gardens.

Site Interpretation Needed:  Stag Beetle;  Apple;  DeadHedge;  Trees info;  Four Crop. Use Amy Reardon. Info to her by end Jan latest