Staff Meeting Minutes October 17th 4pm


Update on Funding

Team london loneliness – didn’t get it sadly. Need now to think about how to fund BF 2020

Kate will try other funds as soon as she has time.
Many BFs still coming on Fridays although Cathy can’t now come as her time is no longer funded. Cat OK for now on Fri afternoons as most BFs attending are pretty self-reliant but is to ask for support from staff/volunteers when she feels she needs it.

Kate and Chris got GCF and GGF funding applications in. Waiting to hear now. City Bridge Fund next big one to apply for.


Ways forward with Monitoring Well-Being
We had a spirited discussion about this & reached the following conclusions. 
We won’t monitor any one group in isolation. When we monitor, we should monitor all our volunteers.
Kate is to talk to other community gardens and organisations with experience of monitoring well-being & will report back by Feb 2020. Before Feb 2020 can all staff have a read of this very useful paper and feed back thoughts to Kate.


Site issues
sinks – hurrah cleaned thank you! seating circle – fixed I think,
PGH planter (deferred) Upper 4 Crop bed raising (in Nov/Dec), Arup Canopy – winter treatment – agreed to leave on)

Can we look at putting in an extra step on decking where the step is very high

Helen to header any email to Cat about site with PPM in title
Red Spider mite life cycle?


Wreath Making
1st Dec is FOBP xmas fair in Brockwell Hall. Wreaths to be made Thurs 28th and  Fri 29th by volunteers making wreaths for the fair (‘only’ need 15 max).
Paying workshops on Thurs 5th (Helen, Clare Paucq Vol) Sat 7th (Kate + Marta? vol) and Sun 8th (Kate + Marta vol, Cat pm). 
All Workshops to take place in Lower Greenhouse. Price £15 per head. Soups/Drinks extra.

Kate ask diane, heidi, chen mei, katy (from tennis) to help. Make orange slices in new oven.

HERNE HILL MARKETS: – no more this year.  So it’s sell sell sell of remaining plants that won’t happily overwinter in our greenhouses or won’t be housed by nice staff  / volunteers (p.s Kate’s not having any thanks!)

Outstanding from minutes meeting from August:
A. Kate to get bus cards done – hurry up Kate!

B: Helen got keys cut – thank you.

C:Update on Kitchen renovation – We have until mid feb but Chris cracking on and we will have an oven by end Nov!