In a change to our published programme we will not be painting the canopy on any days this week as the threat of rain means we will not be able to rely on 6 dry hours after any activity for the paint to dry. We will resume this task in September.

You’ll have noticed that we are theming various sessions during the week. This lets us gather together volunteers who want to get involved with all types of activities we need such as DIY and canopy painting and not just gardening and helps Cat plan and complete all  the tasks that need to be completed to maintain the garden each week. Please, only sign up for a themed session if you are prepared to do the sort of tasks that the theme suggests. There are lots of sessions without themes.

This week our beekeepers plan to harvest the honey from our largest hive. Then we can start assisting our bee keepers by jarring the honey.

The heavy rain predicted Thursday to Sunday this week will make little difference to the thirsty trees in the park. We will be watering Sol’s pine tree to ensure it does not lose any more of its needles.

We’re still harvesting raspberries, and with this warm spell it may even be possible that our damsons will be ready for harvesting by the end of the week.

With the regular harvesting of our vegetables a number of our vegetable beds are emptying out such as the potato bed. In growing spaces like these we will be sowing green manures, including Phacelia and Crimson Clover. These are both good plants to improve the soil structure, keep the soil biologically active throughout the autumn and the clover is also a nitrogen fixer. This means that by growing it we are actually improving the fertility of the soil. These plants are also much loved by bees and other pollinating insects.

There will be some herbs to sow in the lower garden vegetable beds, winter savory and dill.

The last of the Kitchen Garden workshops will be this Sunday morning when we will be harvesting a lot of our produce, carrots and beetroots, rainbow chard, as well as spending some time thinking ahead and planning for autumn planting of onions, garlic, and beans.

In other news

Are you interested in Green Woodwork? If so, you can take part in introductory workshops on Friday 14th August or Sunday 16th August 12 til 4. You must complete the intro before you can attend GWW sessions. For more information and to book, go here  and here

Join Jelena for a fantastic Fermentation class online on Saturday August 15th at 11am to 1pm.  Learn to make Turshiya, Carrot Kimchi Slaw and Apple Vinegar.  For more details and to book, go here

iyatraQuartet’s last musical rehearsal is TONIGHT 5pm to 7pm. You can enjoy the gardens and their ‘absolutely beautiful’ music (Cerys Mathews BBC 6 Music) as you stay outside and they play in the Upper Greenhouse.  Book here

Sally’s popular outdoor Yoga continues on Saturdays. There’s 11 to 12.30 Energy Flow sessions and a new gentler class on Saturday afternoons from 2 to 3pm on the decking outdoors at the Greenhouses. This one is suitable for beginners or anyone who’s feeling a bit out of practice and wants a yoga confidence boost. For more information and to book go here

Drawing from the Roots – a new Garden Art Group is starting on Monday August 17th 1pm to 2.30pm. Cat and her colleague Andrea Heath are starting a regular outdoor Monday afternoon workshop for art and nature lovers where you can explore the creative benefits that emerge in a  space where art, community and nature meet. To find out more please contact Cat on 07534 273844 or email:

Finally, tonight and next weeks on August 19 and 26 you can check out South London Makerspace who are holding open evenings in their arch at Arch 1129, 41 Norwood Road