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A social gardening experience

How to Summer Prune Stone Fruits

The dry window of summer is the right time to prune your stone fruit trees.

In this Creative Garden workshop, Jack McCrickard from the Orchard Project will teach you how to prune apricots, plums, cherries, green gauges and other stone fruit trees.

You will learn all about how best to approach the “3 Ds” – diseased, damaged and dying branches –  and how to create nice open structures in trees to ensure successful harvests for the following year.

We will take a lunch break around 12.30pm so do bring sandwiches with you.  This workshop is free but so that we know you are coming, please do book.

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How to take Semi-ripe Cuttings

In Cat’s seventh Creative Garden workshop, you will learn how to take semi-ripe cuttings from herb stems in our herb garden.

This workshop will be a mixture of the theoretical and the practical as to take successful cuttings it is helpful to understand about the different kinds of cells and tissues in stems. Understanding about the inner working of stems will greatly increase your success with cuttings.  Soon you will find yourself able to generate masses of great new plants from cuttings – an incredibly satisfying thing to be able to do!

This workshop is free but so that we know you are coming, please do book.

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Plants for a Shady Garden

It’s often hard to choose plants which will do well in shade.  In this workshop,  Chris will talk you through different types of shady spaces, tactics you can use to help plants grow there and a range of great plants for sun deprived spaces.  We will look at planting in our orchard garden and fern bank as illustration of some possible plant combinations.

There will be an opportunity to buy BPCG grown plants at the end of the workshop.


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hanging basket plants

Hanging Baskets and Hardening Off

This week in the garden It is time to harden off the tomatoes and courgettes we started off in the greenhouse to get them ready for planting outside. Plants are constantly adapting and responding to their environment, however they need time in order to do this. Plants raised indoors or in a greenhouse need to […]

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Green Woodworking Club Sunday May 20th

The Green Woodworking Group at BPCG make things from green wood (freshly cut-down trees) using hand tools and traditional methods. Working with axes, knives, chisels etc., Green Woodworking is about getting to know and creatively responding to wood; making functional objects – spoons, spatulas, chairs, stools and much more. We have a pole lathe and shaving horse, a few tools and a fair amount of wood.

If you have attended one of our Green Woodworking Introductory weekends or have already been trained by us in Green Woodworking on another occasion, please book for this Club Session.

And don’t worry if this one is booked up as more sessions are coming soon!

You’ll need to be over 18. Please wear stout shoes (no flip-flops, sandals, canvas shoes).

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