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RHS Oustanding, our AGM and this week’s tasks

This week in the garden we’ll be remaking the shop in the upper greenhouse so the shop won’t be open on Thursday while we move it all around. On Friday, if the weather holds we’ll be taking down the rest of the Elder in the lower garden to the height of the Yew hedge adjacent. […]

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Daikon, Painting, Our Website and Shredder

This week in the gardens, we’ll again be taking advantage of the dry weather to push on with painting the Canopy both on Thursday and on Friday morning. We will also load our fresh horse dung and litter into our composting bays for manure, and complete the prune and removal of the Elder in Lower […]

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Autumn Bulbs, Jelly, Workshops and a Harvest Festival

This week in the garden, we will be harvesting our few remaining tomatoes and red grapes and we are also going to make rosehip and apple jelly.  With the dry forecast, we will also return to painting the wooden canopy in the lower garden. We have had a large delivery of manure which will need to […]

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A Pond Sort Out

This week we will be attending to our wildlife pond. The pond is an important part of an organically maintained garden as it provides water for mammals to drink, and attracts many beneficial animals and insects to the garden. One of the important features of a wildlife pond is that it has plenty of vegetation […]

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Sound Trail, 5Rhythms and Acorns

In the garden this week we will be preparing the ground beside the boysenberries, weeding and adding more compost from our compost heaps. Then we will take the new long shoots of the boysenberries and layer them. Layering is a simple form of propagation which consists of bending a shoot down to soil level, wounding the […]

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