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Four Crop

Red Veg, Green Toms, Home Schooling

This week in the garden We will be harvesting our outdoors tomatoes and clearing the bed for the autumn. Despite the hot summer there remain a lot of tomatoes that have still not ripened on the vine. We may use these to make a batch of green tomato chutney, but we will also try an […]

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Idumea Appalachian

Ferns, Wardian Cases and Appalachian Tunes

This week in the garden, we have added to our fern collection by planting 30 new ferns on the woodland bank. These include evergreen and deciduous ferns. Ferns are a very ancient form of plant which appeared on earth long before flowering plants had evolved. Ferns reproduce by producing spores which develop on the underside of […]

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Green Woodworking – an Introduction

The Green Woodworking Group at BPCG make things from green wood (freshly cut-down trees) using hand tools and traditional methods. Working with axes, knives, chisels etc., Green Woodworking is about getting to know and creatively responding to wood; making functional objects – spoons, spatulas, chairs, stools and much more. We have a pole lathe and shaving horse, a few tools and a fair amount of wood.

Would you like to join in? We will be spending this Sunday making resources for the Green Woodworking area and learning to use a range of tools safely.

Please sign up if you’d like to get involved (if not already) as a BPCG volunteer. Attending this day of green woodworking will enable you also to come to our Green Wood Club on Sundays which you’ll need to also book.
Upcoming Green Wood Club sessions: Sunday July 29th.

You’ll need to be over 18. Please wear stout shoes (no flip-flops, sandals, canvas shoes).

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Feeding the plants, the ladybirds and ourselves!

This week in the garden….is busy!  We have many fruits and vegetables to look after, feed, weed and water, and some are nearly ready for harvesting. So come along, we’d love to see you! We are growing a number of different varieties of tomatoes with two distinct growth habits. There are cordon tomatoes and bush […]

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Gardening gloves

The Creative Garden Sunday workshops

Come along to Cat’s Sunday Creative Garden workshops 11am to 12.30pm. These sessions are a great mix of hands on learning and plant science. Show up just before 11am, dressed in warm clothes you don’t mind getting mucky, and sturdy boots and shoes. If you have gardening gloves, bring them along. If not, we can […]

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