The ABRA Bench


The story starts about 12 years ago when some Brockwell Park trees were felled and then made into boards by a portable steam mill at the Lambeth County Show. BPCG were given these and we’ve stored and admired them ever since. There’s been lots of interest in identifying the wood: a few boards could be Turkey Oak (Qeurcus cerris); one of our wood experts, Verena, has identified some of it as Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia). About 3 years ago Haluk came up with a brilliant and simple design for a bench. Robin, Marco, and Paul assembled this one day and there it remained at BPCG, joined by other benches of different designs.

With more timber planks coming out of the soon to be renovated sheds, we’ve now made a new “Haluk bench” specially for the folk at ABRA community garden. Thanks to Dag, Ondine and Paul at ABRA for their input, and Marco, Robin and Rod at BPCG. As well as everyone else along the way! We’ve both made something functional and attractive and shared skills and resources. Our aim now is to build on this success and to work towards a Greenwood workshop at BPCG, sourcing wood nearby in collaboration with the local community.  It has been great to collaborate again with ABRA, and look forward to more in the future.

If you would like to visit ABRA community garden, you can find it between Brailsford and Arlington Roads in Brixton, SW2 2BT

Paul Shrubshall

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