This week in the garden, Cat’s away but we still need to look after the plants. In addition to the greenhouse plants, we’re looking after quite a lot of plants that need attention outside with feeds and weeds for the tomatoes, aubergines, Brugmansia and Cannas. Tomatoes are beginning to set well and the Nicotiana are bursting as are the Brugmansia as the Solanaceae Garden comes into its own. Of course, we’re still on high pest alert among the chillies and aubergines. We’re harvesting Kale, Chard and probably rhubarb and gooseberries as well. In the shop we’ll be selling chillies and Cannas and raising the profile of our artisanal jarred and bottled products.

But this is also the week when we get into summer mode. And to get ready for the summer and make more space for family workshops and events over the holidays we remove significant portions of the front staging in the upper greenhouse. We don’t need so much space for plants now that we have sold most of the spring stock. This year we also need to change the staging configurations and to do that, we need to clear the tops. So first, we’re going to do quite a big stock reorganisation, and then we’ll deconstruct the staging and reconfigure it. Then all we have to do is tidy up… Chris will be managing a lot of the sessions with support from Selina, Steph, Natalie and Lesley.

We have a small number of large black water tanks of 300l and 500l volume which are available free to up/recycle and could possibly be delivered reasonably locally. Reply to this email if you’re interested.

We recently asked for applications from volunteers who would like to be co-opted as a trustee to act as Secretary. Nobody has applied. Although the role description might sound a bit scary, all trustees are collectively responsible for the charity and of course we will help an applicant into the role. Why not have another look here.

We also are looking for new BPCG trustees.  If you are interested in becoming one, please read on…

This is a great time to become a trustee as BPCG is about to embark on a big transition as we build our Brockwell Barn this winter. This will be a significant new resource for the charity and we need to be sure that we have the right board of trustees to ensure that this resource is used effectively for the benefit of the community.

We are looking for self-motivated, effective people who are passionate about making BPCG a coordinated, diverse and durable organisation.

On top of their fiduciary duty to make informed decisions on behalf of the organisation, we need Trustees who will take an active role in ensuring we deliver our charitable goals, support our staff and volunteers and be representative of the community we wish to serve. We are looking for people who will do more than just show up to Trustee meetings. We’re after people who will take responsibility for evaluating and addressing how we can best serve our community, and will shepherd and supervise that service effectively.

Direct experience of BPCG as a community organisation is useful but not essential. More important is a desire for progressive development, diverse representation and an understanding of what a fantastically valuable green resource BPCG is which should be accessible to as many as possible.

Being a BPCG trustee is a big responsibility but it’s also a great opportunity.  To have a conversation about this, please contact Josh on