Come along to Cat’s Sunday Creative Garden workshops 11am to 12.30pm.

These sessions are a great mix of hands on learning and plant science.

Show up just before 11am, dressed in warm clothes you don’t mind getting mucky, and sturdy boots and shoes.

If you have gardening gloves, bring them along. If not, we can lend.

Most of these sessions are FREE * excepting the Hanging Basket workshop, but so we know you are coming, please book on

Sunday 29th April Flowers – the inside Story

We will be looking at flowers’ internal structures and the clever ways they attract the required assistance to ensure pollination whether they are pollinated by wind, bee, moth, butterflies, birds or beetles. We will also see what changes happen inside the embryo sack when pollination is successful, leading to seed formation. Then to finish off we will consider different plants’ strategies for seed dispersal.

Sunday May 27th – Hanging Basket workshop

Create your own hanging basket using edible and ornamental plants such as trailing bush tomatoes, nasturtium, chillies, petunias, coleus and lobelias. You will be able to design your display using a mixture of upright and trailing plants and have a choice of colours in your plant pallet.
Cost: £15 (£12 concessions) which enables you to take away your planted hanging basket with you.

Sunday June 24th  – Stems and Semi Ripe Cuttings

We will learn how to take semi-ripe cuttings from herb stems in our herb garden. To take successful cuttings it is helpful to understand about the different kinds of cells and tissues in stems. Understanding about the inner working of stems will greatly increase your success with cuttings!


Sunday July 29th Summer pruning of stone fruits

The dry window of summer is the right time to prune your stone fruits.  We will tackle our apricots, plums, cherries, green gauges and other stone fruit trees. You will learn all about how best to approach the “3 Ds” – diseased, damaged and dying branches, and how to create nice open structures in your trees to ensure successful harvests for the following year.