This week in the garden, we will be running a number of christmas wreath making workshops using natural plant materials. If you have any evergreen stems, attractive seed heads, or other decorative things you think would look good woven into a wreath, please do bring them along.


We will be potting up house plants into attractive terracotta pots to offer at our stall at Herne Hill market (on Saturday) and at Brockwell Hall (on Sunday).  If anyone is free to help out on the Sunday stall at the Brockwell Hall Winter Fair, let Kate know ( Any time from 9.30am to 4pm is good. Brockwell Hall is the building where the café is in Brockwell Park. The Winter Fair is upstairs.


Last week Jelena Belgrave ran two fantastic fermenting workshops at the greenhouses. Thank you Jelena! Fermentation is one of the most ancient forms of food preservation and one of the easiest. Lacto-fermentation only needs salt, vegetables, and water. The vegetables are treated with a lot of salt. This process works because the bacteria that is harmful to us can’t tolerate much salt, but the bacteria that is good for us can. The first stage of lacto-fermentation kills the harmful bacteria, and in the second stage the beneficial (to us) bacteria gets to work on our vegetables.  Here is one of Jelena’s recipes you might like to try at home


Last Sunday, we had our monthly volunteers meeting. The minutes of it are here. All are invited to look at Cat’s draft garden plan for 2019 and send thoughts on it to Cat. Either by email to or have a word with her in person!
The draft minutes of the Trustee meeting which was held on 14th November are here 

We will be having a Christmas Party 14th December 6pm to 8pm

Come along to the Greenhouses for carol singing, drinks and cakes on Friday 14th December 6pm to 8pm. Any extra edible/drinkable goodies welcome but we will also get mulling and baking! Those who wish to can head on down to the Prince Regent afterwards….