Thur 28th Sept 2017  Garden meeting. 

1) to raise the three upper 4 crop beds by one plank in hight and afix leeky hoses to them ready for use in the next growing season.


2) Seating area  – to be re- designed, replanted and willow herb spiral created to go in the centre of this area.


3) Plant selection for July Lambeth show to be reconsidered. Focus on bush tomatoes plants, bog standard herbs, chilli plants and a few select annuals i.e. dwarf sunflowers, Callendular, (plants that work as cut flowers in a pot!)


4) pond and bog garden area.

Doug has agreed to make a scale drawing with dimensions about the size and position of the 2nd platform. He will give this to Cat to take to next staff meeting on 26th Oct. Once agreed with Helen Education officer, Doug will assist in completing this platform by end of Feb 2018.

Also by end of Feb 2018 bog planting area to be completed, plus chain and fence at both ends of this area to be put in place and 2-3 planters added.


5) Tidying up REGULARLY of the tool shed , kitchen and upper greenhouse.

We have decided to try out doing a fortnightly clean of these areas involving all volunteers on site, starting at 2pm on Sundays. We will trail this time/ day and see if we can make it work.


6) bulbs wish list.

Snakeshead fritilaria was suggested as a nice idea for planting in the damp areas around the pond.

Lily of the valley also requested and more tulips for front borders.


7) Upper Grenhouse

plans to grow a few varieities of melons  next year ( Alvero from seed) others to be researched.

Cucumbers and chilli plants also to be grown next year.


8) Lower greenhouse

Bottle Gourds as major theme and these to be used later in the year for workshhops on decorating gourds and making musical instruments from them! Workshops in Sept/Oct 2018.


9) Communication!!!

Ursula offered to do a brief resume of subjects discussed in garden meetings and asked for these to be left placed on the website so as to accessible to volunteeres who may have missed a garden meeting.


10) Notices at the front gates.

The drawing group has agreed to update the events boad on the front gate every week.


11) Plans for the passive greenhouse.

Doug will start erecting the passive greenhouse next week, start of Oct.  He would like to have 3/4 people to help him start assemblng it on Thur 5th Oct.


12) Green woodworking group.

John Warcker of the Pole lathe turners association will be visiting Bpcg on Fri 29ht Sept to see what support they an offer the green woodworking group. Discussion and meeting with Paul.


13) Plastic bags for selling our produce.

Karren bought 100 plastic bags for us.

Ursula and Chris to resreach the best kind and value for money plastic bags for us to buy for sale of Bpcg produce.




1) Fern bank

2) Natural Kitchen and willow den

3) Ginger growing adn tea party

4) May fete

5) Perennial flower meadow



To grow fewer varieties and to manage our plant production line better! LESS IS MORE.

Diane suggested that the decking uprights were visually intrusive and asked if they could be shortened

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