Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses
at 6.30pm

  • Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses Trustee Meeting 31 January 2018
    148 Downton Avenue SW2 3TT at 6.30pmAGENDA

    • Welcome Andrew
      • Andrew Oxley has been selected by the appointments group as a new Trustee and as an Officer of the charity in the role of Treasurer. Trustees should agree to co-opt Andrew prior to elections at the next AGM


    • New building what do we want to do?
      • Trustees will have read submissions from each of us considering the 2015 specification and the 2015 conceptual plan. All Trustees appear to want to continue to pursue a new building. Many Trustees and all staff introduce new requirements. Kate and other staff and Chris have proposed a modified project also involving renovation of and integration with the UGH. Most Trustees are concerned about how we will be able to manage the projects given available resource.
      • What do Trustees think about the renovation and integration suggestions?
      • Co-Chairs supported by Director propose the establishment of an action group to consider new requirements and siting and to report to this meeting in May
      • Which Trustees wish to serve on this group?


    • Skills audit report from Beth
      • Beth will present and analysis for the Skills Audit. The headline findings are that whilst Trustees can offer quite a wide range of skills the amount of time they have available to use these skills is very limited.


    • Creating resource and capability to assist with the big task
      • Co-Chairs supported by Director propose this group agrees to the creation of 3 new trustee officer roles with defined role and time commitments all focussed on Local – comms/campaigns, fundraising from the community and local businesses, creating relationships with local schools etc. so that they are minded to use our facilities..


    • Adopt decision policy and associated communications
      • The final version of a policy developed by Lucie and now reviewed and edited by Linsey Ant, Kate and Chris is published here. Lucie, Linsey and Co-Chairs supported by Director commend these to Trustees for adoption.


    • Report on Treasurer handover
      • Andrew will update us on the handover from Rosie


    • Management accounts
      • Andrew will take questions on April – December management accounts.


    • Staff reports and contracts
      • Kate will answer questions on staff reports. Garden, Edu Nov, Dec, Director
      • Director supported by Co-chairs proposes extending Cat Stevens contract to 31 August 2018
      • Should we reduce the number of director reports required from 6 per year to 3 per year?