Chair’s remarks


Financial performance and budgeting

Andrew will review the accounts to date

Andrew and Kate will  answer questions  on the 2020/21 budget

Andrew will introduce important notes on our reserves policy


Chris will introduce and comment on the draft 2 quantity survey based on our stage 2 specification. This arrived this morning following draft 1 yesterday and has not been circulated to building sc members. Draft 2 excludes a number of strands eliminated in a discussion with Nick and the QS for the purposes of meeting a proposed GGF budget. These are annotated and not necessarily permanent. Further reduction is probably required. 

There will be a discussion about building strategies and tactics as well as fundraising.


BPCG and Local Business
Josh, Kate and Alice have prepared this paper and grid of options on developing links with local businesses:


Grid of the feasible opportunities:

The paper sets out a lean approach to gather insight and test appetite to help us focus on which options to develop further. The plan will require input and activity from trustees to implement so we’ll ask for trustee buy-in on this. Trustees should agree on the next steps on this project.



Kate is proposing that we contract a fundraiser on a short term contract as soon as our immediate future is clear. This proposed sum is included in the 20/21 budget above. Kate is also asking for further support from trustees for evening opening.


Competitive pricing review
Liz has prepared a short paper on proposed categories to be reviewed. Trustees should decide how this important piece of work should proceed and by when.


Staff Reports

Kate will give a verbal report

Education January

Education February




Other projects:

UGH David will give a brief verbal update

LGH Chris will give a brief verbal update.

Minutes of the previous meeting