Trustee Meeting on 14 July 2021 at 6.30pm
At the Greenhouses


  • Brockwell Barn. We have received an updated tender pricing document from our preferred contractor for the sum of £399,994 ex VAT. Trustees should review this and agree to the specification changes. 
  • This sum does not include items which trustees may feel are still essential, in particular a separate entrance and kitchen fitout. We have previously explored leasing kitchen equipment however with the down spec we will be purchasing domestic kitchen equipment that is not leased. 
  • Trustees should consider whether to authorise Andrew to explore available lines of credit that might be used for these items.
  • Trustees should authorise proceeding to contract on the basis of this tender.

  • AGM planning. Notice of AGM will go out before the next TM. We must finalise the list of existing trustees wishing to stand or be appointed according to our revised policy.

  • We are advertising for trustees. What knowledge, skills and experience do we want to bring to the board?

  • Equality Diversity and Inclusion. Following Josh’s previous presentation, Kate’s earlier circulation of the EDI Outputs agreed with GGF and the circulation of the Assoc of Chairs board EDI statement does the board think that we can and should agree on a set of outcomes that we intend and actions that we will take to ensure EDI? What additional outcomes do we want than we have already committed to with GGF? How and when could we develop these?

  • Reallocation of funds. We are currently holding £16k in a budget intended to allow renewing the glazing in the UGH in 2022. Given our immediate needs, should we reallocate these funds to develop the Learning Garden outside the barn? This will allow us to start planning now how we will execute the project and accelerate delivery to 2022 rather than late spring 2023 as is currently planned.

  • Post Covid the Barn and Beyond. Thank you for all your comments. There has not been time to turn these into a policy paper. This will be presented at the September board and offered to volunteers and contractors for commentary after that board.

  • Staff Reports