Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses
Trustee Meeting on 16 September 2020 at 6.30pm at the greenhouses










  • When and how should we respond to rising Covid cases locally?
    At the May board we decided that we would take action in the garden when the 4 boroughs composite average reached 5. This level was exceeded 3 weeks ago but no action was taken as it was clear that no other charities or businesses locally were taking action. 


Trustees should either confirm their previous advice or establish a new measure






  • The Barn – Fundraising
    The charity still needs to raise ~£150k to complete Barn funding. This sum is required before the end of June 2021. The charity has already approached all those funds that are open and which grant for capital or building projects. It is likely that a crowdfunding initiative will be needed. 


Neither the Director nor the Chair have time to develop and lead such a fundraising programme.
Trustees should advise the Director/Chair how they wish to proceed.




  • IT implementation and support
    Following a discussion at the January board the site environment and databases have been upgraded to current formats and we are now running the Extended Security Release version of Civi. This is about as secure as we can get.
    However the site is still running an out of date theme. We had hoped to be able to renew this in house but this is no longer possible. I do not have an accurate cost for subcontracting this work but it could cost £1500. 


Do trustees want to commission this work? Who will manage specification and implementation?
During these last 6 months there has been a considerable amount of IT development as well as upgrades. There has also been an increase in the use of the site with shoppers during lockdown, a tsunami of parents booking kids events over the summer and now volunteer registrations as well as event bookings. This leads to more maintenance and more user support needs. This is no longer sustainable with volunteer help. 

Trustees should decide how they are going to solve this issue



  • Review of the economy of families and children provision
    Janet proposed a number of research workstreams to the group that said they wanted to be involved. None of these look complicated especially for those that have been trustees for a number of years. But no workstreams have owners. 


This doesn’t seem to be the way that trustees want to develop policy.
Trustees should give themselves guidance about how this charity develops policy.
Trustees should decide whether and how they want to proceed with this review.




Most of us were trustees for this entire year. The results show just how confident and assertive we were. Well done everyone who feels they made a contribution this year. It seems quite a while ago…



  • Staff reports




  • Appreciation of Cathy
    Cathy is our longest standing employee and we have had to let her go.
    Trustees are invited to appreciate Cathy




  • AGM What to do?