Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses


Topic: Trustee Meeting Wed 17 March 2021


Chair’s remarks

Whilst the garden was humming, revenue almost disappeared in January but has returned in February and March so far. With a timetable for opening up to more volunteering and to public opening at weekends we have planned to  reestablish  quickly the range of our beneficial and revenue generating activities. However the horizon is still clouded and data not dates could yet delay our plans.

With Building Sub Committee approval of the stage four proposals and the commissioning of tender development process  we are on schedule with the Brockwell Barn development. All trustees will be asked to vote in May on the tender cost and to award the tender to a particular contractor. This may require an interim board meeting as the timing of this award will be critical to the current schedule

Now that we seem to be on a firm path to building Brockwell Barn we will need to turn our attention to envisaging how it will help to rebuild our reserves as our original five year plan envisages losses during the early operation of the building and we can no longer afford to incur these. Kate Andrew and I will be devoting time to this before the May board.

Directors report
Kate will take questions on her report for the period

Management Accounts
Andrew will make comments on the accounts to date

Budget for 21/22

Kate will make comments on a very tentative budget

Brockwell Barn
Building sub Cttee reports that it has approved the stage 4 design and specification subject to the document being absolutely complete before it is incorporated in a tender. The Cttee also approved starting the tender development process and the associated costs.

The outline schele for development is:

  1. FF/Structure Workshop – Complete WS4 – 12/3
  2. OR Consult Complete WS4 31/3
  3. Measur Tender Docs and tender issue  – 1/4
  4. Tender Return – 7/5
  5. Tender check/appoint contractor – 4/6
  6. Construction management plan approval (assuming by appointed contractor) – 13/8
  7. Construction Lead-in/start on site – 31/8
  8. Completion (max cp 7 months) – 31/3

Election of the Executive Committee
There are no longer any reservations about Andrew’s proposals and we should now adopt these.

Staff reports



Minutes of previous meeting