Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses
Trustee Meeting on 18 September at 6.30pm at Stradella Road





Our just giving campaign is open.


Financials and Accounts


Andrew will present and review the management accounts to August 2019

Trustees should approve the certified accounts for the 2018/19 year  


Staff Contracts


Treasurer and Director propose to re-employ all existing staff on new one year contracts commencing in October 2019. Trustees are invited to discuss and approve this proposal.


Five Year Plan Extension 


As requested at the previous meeting we have prepared a timeline of the proposed plan to renovate and extend the greenhouse. This will depend on successful fundraising as we will not commence building the extension or employ further staff until we have raised all the funding required. 


Kate, Andrew and Chris have updated the 5YP text and forecasts. We have, for the moment, removed the core funding line so that the real deficits after trading are revealed. The model does not support our proposed tapering model grant funding strategy and we are developing a bridge funding model which will be incorporated into the final version.


Trustees are invited to discuss and note this and approve the release of this draft to volunteers for comment. Trustees will be invited to approve the new plan at the November Trustee Meeting  after the AGM.


Upper Greenhouse Renovation


Chair and director propose that the charity renovate the Upper Greenhouse during the course of 2020. Renovating the UGH now will minimise activity and revenue loss during any future build and will enhance our tax status as a charitable new build when funds are raised. Whilst no detailed budget exists for this our initial expectation is that there will be a cost of approx £35k. 


We hope this will be met from our Just Giving  fundraising and by further grants. The budget is underwritten by reserves.


David will project manage this renovation. David will present a detailed budget and plan to the November board.


Trustees are invited to approve this plan in principle. Trustees will be able to vote on the details of this plan in November.


Staff Reports









Kate will give a verbal report


Minutes of previous meeting