Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses
Trustee Meeting on 22 January 2020 at 6.30 at Stradella Road

Funding Update

Kate will give a status report on applications to Greener Cities Fund, Good Growth Fund and City Bridge Trust.

2020/21 plan

Kate will answer questions on the plan.It is intended that this plan will fulfil the 20/21 forecast in the 5 year plan. Kate and Andrew will present a detailed and phased budget for this plan at the March board.

Trustees are requested to approve the plan and to delegate the management of the garden in 20/21 to Kate.

Financial and performance

Andrew will make notes and take questions on the accounts to December 2019

Building sub committee

The Barn – Stage 2 report. Chris will update trustees on the current status of design and planning application. Building sc have have approved this report and are reporting this to the board. Consultants Docs: Structure, M&E.

UGH renovation

David will update trustees on the UGH renovation and Chris will update trustees on budget mitigation. For information.

LGH renovation

Chris will update trustees on the status and budget of this project. For information.

Marketing and Digital Fundraising 2020

We propose to close the Raise the Barn Phase 1 page. The current sum raised is £10.332. A new fundraising page will be set up to commence fundraising for stage 2 and will also include all donations made offline in 2020. This will be initiated with a report of around £5k of funds that the charity has already committed to spend on the Barn in 2020. There is not yet a campaign plan and it has not been decided whether there will be a campaign in 2020. However this digital bucket shaking will catch online donations trafficked from our website and email marketing, our social media and from staff signatures.


Since 2015 our WordPress website has been using a commercial  theme for which we have been paying an annual licence until 2018/19. The theme has been discontinued and is now unsupported. Whilst it continues to function, as wordpress is developed, it will eventually break and we are unable to rely on its responsivity – which is required for a high Google listing. We should retheme over the course of 2020

The site is very effective and way ahead of our neighbours such as FoBP, BPCP, High Trees, Myatts, LJAG..

 I am still very comfortable with the general layout, functionality and content turnover and am not proposing a major redesign – however there is an opportunity to improve graphics, fonts, rules and other page furniture.  

The site drives almost all our direct marketing, hosting event ticketing, paypal payment gateway and CRM/email marketing tools as well as driving our Google listings. In addition to wordpress we are reliant on a suite of apps from The Event Calendar, The Woo Commerce gateway and CiviCRM and we must ensure integration with these plugins.

It is not yet clear how the retheming will be undertaken. Trustees are invited to note the facts and a further proposal will be made before any other action is taken.

However if you have any comments on the site please share them with this group by email by the date of the TM.

Staff Reports




Minutes of previous meeting