Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses

Trustee Meeting on 24 November 2021 at 6.30pm
At Stradella Road


  • Chair’s remarks

  • Do trustees resolve to co-opt Richard Whiting and Hilda Castillo?

  • Do trustees resolve to add to the C&F policy?
  • Trustees are invited to approve an addition to our policy viz:

  • “Our policy is that our educational income should aim to cover the costs of providing our educational courses. However, we accept it is conceivable a surplus could be made and in this case it will not be ring fenced but be used to support the general activities of the Charity”


This may be seen in context in the document where the amendment is in red type.

This policy addition is required to satisfy our VAT status.

  • Do trustees agree that:
  • noting that the Charity has sufficient funds, confirm the decision that the £100k legacy received in July 2018  be a restricted fund for building the project now called Brockwell Barn and that there should be no changes in the designation of the funds (circa £19k) categorised as restricted for the Barn agreed at the Board meeting in November 2020.

These confirmations are required to support our claim from offers by Bernard Sunley and Garfield Weston trusts for additional support for the Brockwell Barn

  • Building SC was established in November 2018. Do trustees resolve to continue this SC on amended terms to provide governance on the disbursements building Brockwell Barn?
  • Trustees are invited to note that building is approx 10 days behind schedule although WI expect that this will be recovered before the xmas break
  • Trustees are invited to note that there has been significant damage to the East structure of the volunteer kitchen due to lack of maintenance. There will be a variation to the contract to accommodate this which BSC will discuss

  • Do trustees resolve to delegate a Future Planning Sub Cttee in order to develop, consult and adopt a new 5 year Beneficial and Business plan for the years 2023-28?
  • Do trustees resolve to delegate a Future Planning Sub Committee?
  • If established,  which trustees intend to serve on the FPSC?
  • If established, the first meeting of this SC will be on Wednesday December 8 at 6.30pm

  • Nomination of trustee.

  • Staff and quasi staff reports to discuss and note
  • Children and Families

  • Advisory discussion on the returns of a questionnaire to existing trustees to help us build a shared understanding of where BPCG currently stands and the challenges and opportunities for the future led by Kathi,