Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses
Trustee Meeting on Wednesday 13th November 2019 at 6.30pm

At Stradella Road


  1. Andrew and Kate propose that this board co-opts Janet Worth.


  1. Chair’s remarks on governance and duties of trustees and the shape of this new term.


  1. Andrew and Kate will present the draft five year plan budget and revised plan. Kate has prepared a narrative on how the budget has been derived. Trustees are invited to adopt the plan.


  1. David will present a budget and plan for the 2020 renovation of the upper greenhouse. Trustees have approved and underwritten the outline proposal for this and £35k budget in principal and are invited to note the detailed budget and schedule.


  1. Chris will present the final layout plan for the Barn. This is the version for which we will seek planning consent. Trustees are invited to approve this.


  1. Building sub committee
    1. Following favourable comment from Lambeth, BSC approved FF seeking planning consent asap.
    2. Trustees are invited to reestablish this sub-committee
    3. Trustees are invited to increase the budget which this cttee can spend on professional fees and other preliminary costs during the 24 months from October 2018 to September 2020 without prior reference to the full board from £30k to £65k. (see estimated costs from FF)
    4. Trustees are invited to delegate approval of the RIBA stage 2 final specification to the BSC


  1. Andrew will present management accounts for this year to October and report on the Just Giving fundraising campaign.


  1. Staff reports
    1. Education Sept and Oct
    2. Garden


  1. Future boards during this term
    1. Sarah will propose dates for all the 2020 boards
    2. We are seeking volunteers for trustee-developed papers at future boards on
      1. Business development
      2. Monitoring
      3. Competitive pricing


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting