At Liz Day’s house



Chair proposes to co-opt Alice Noakes. Alice has agreed to join our board. She will be working on preparing and coordinating a plan for consultation on our barn project and on a local campaign about this. Read Alice’s brief bio here.


BPCG welcomes Ann and Susy from BPCP. What is BPCP? How can BPCG support BPCP? How can BPCP support BPCG?


Adoption of new financial procedures. Andrew has developed a new set of procedures to replace those developed by Derek in 2013 as our organisation has changed considerably since that time. Chair proposes Trustees adopt these.


Trustee Term. We have all recently been elected for a period of 12 months until October 2019. This will be a busy term for Trustees however following last year’s decision to add more executive functions to the board we are better placed than we have been.

Management of the garden has been delegated to staff against a plan submitted and approved by our predecessor board  in March 2018 and running until April 2019. A plan for 2019-20 will be submitted for approval at the January board.

Trustees will this term need to develop and manage the Barn Project with the Director

Timeline of this project during this trustee term to note

Establishment of sub-committee to manage the project:

Trustees resolve to establish a sub-committee of this board a) for the purpose of selecting and briefing an architect, managing the architect to deliver a concept design, developed design and technical design and to seek landlord permission and planning approval and b) to develop and implement a local consultation on these designs and a local information and fundraising campaign. This sub-Committee shall comprise [names] and may co-opt up to three further members. The sub-committee shall not incur expenditures greater than £30,000 without the prior consent of this board and shall report to this board at each meeting.


Confirmation of invitation to tender document. Following consultations with staff and volunteers, a small working party and inheriting the outputs of the previous working party an invitation to tender and brief has been created. Trustees should approve this document


Review of long list of architects to be invited to tender. Only 4 firms have been proposed. Should all of these be invited to tender? Resolve which firms to tender


Andrew will present and take questions on the latest management accounts


Kate will present her own, Edu Sept and Oct and Garden reports and  take questions


Sarah will propose Trustee Meeting dates for 2019

Approve minutes of previous meeting