Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses
Trustee Meeting on Wednesday 20th March at 6.30pm
At Stradella Road


Motions approved since the last meeting

The following motion has been passed unanimously, in accordance with Articles 21.1 and 21.2:

“That Feilden Fowles should be appointed preferred bidder, that the building cttee should undertake due diligence on the firm and associates and that the firm be appointed architect following that due diligence”

The following motion has been passed unanimously, in accordance with Articles 21.1 and 21.2:

” That trustees have reviewed the proposed contract and terms with Feilden Fowles to be appointed architect for the development of the Barn as defined in the brief previously agreed by trustees and approve signing the contract”

2019/20 Operational Plan


Trustees will recall that this item was pulled from the previous meeting’s agenda.The Operational Plan for the garden for the 12 months from April 2019 is now published. Kate will answer questions.

Chair proposes that trustees approve the 2019/20 Operational Plan


Building sub committee


Following the two motions above Andrew and Chris have now signed the agreement with Feilden Fowles. The committee met FF on 12 March 2019 for a first briefing meeting. FF also observed German Kindergarten and met Helen. A further briefing meeting is planned for 20th March and will be attended by Kate. We are also trying to meet Kevin Crook with FF.

The committee agreed by email vote that the charity should commission a survey from DesignBase Ltd

We expect a first invoice from FF immanently. There should be draft sketches at the beginning of April and more developed sketches later in the month. Building sub committee proposes to share these with the entire board via the G drive with the opportunity to comment for 7 days after each draft. Trustees will need to approve the final release proposal drawings by email in good time or decide now to have an ad hoc board before the next due date.

Consultation Plan

Whilst the timetable is flexible at the moment it is likely that the consultation on the proposed extension and renovation of the greenhouses will commence before the next trustee meeting. Alice has been developing a generic plan for this consultation. If rtustees have comments on this it would be helpful if they could leave them on the google document here:

Chair proposes that trustees note the plan

We are hoping that every trustee will agree to manage one outreach consultation session during the period and will canvas dates at this meeting.

Management Accounts and Financial Matters

Following the 2019/20 plan Andrew and Kate have developed a budget for the year’s activities and income

Management accounts to end Feb prepared by Andrew, who will take questions, is here

Staff Updates

Chris and Kate will update trustees. Education reports are below.



Current Projects

Contactless equipment has been delivered and tested and is all working. Staff have been trained in operating the contactless payments system. The system will be launched at the greenhouses on Sunday 24th March.

The container conversion has been completed and staff have moved in. David will take questions.

Trustees are invited to pass a vote of thanks to David, Andy and Doug.

The Renovate! Team are progressing with the lower greenhouse renovation supported now by corporate groups. Floor and wall repairs are almost complete, guttering has been fixed on the North wall and a new aggregate surface for the cold frame should be completed by 31 March. The project is on schedule.

Minutes of the previous meeting


Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses

Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses have appointed architects Feilden Fowles to develop an extension to their greenhouse which will serve as a new multi-purpose learning and community space in Brockwell Park – The Barn @ Brockwell Greenhouses

The new space will enable more children’s activities, adult workshops and community events to take place at this already thriving community charity.

BPCG has raised £165k towards the cost of the extension but more will be needed for the whole project.

Feilden Fowles is an award-winning practice based at Waterloo Community Farm in Lambeth

There will be a community consultation about the proposals in May 2019

Kate Sebag, Director of BPCG said: “The Barn will enable us to provide creative and therapeutic learning and play opportunities to all in our community throughout the year. We have gone a long way with developing our outdoor garden spaces. Now Feilden Fowles will help us to create better indoor spaces so that even more people can benefit from our charity’s activities.

Fergus Feilden, Partner of Feilden Fowles said “We are delighted to have won this important commission and hope to enable BPCG to expand the amazing array of educational, volunteering and community projects they already undertake. Brockwell Park is one of London’s most special parks with this site situated at the heart of it and we’re excited to continue working in the borough. We are thrilled to have won the commission and look forward to working with the brilliant team at BPCG.”

Talking Points for the Brockwell Greenhouses Renovation and Extension

What is this Renovation and Extension?

The charity will renovate and extend the greenhouse towards the South East boundary creating new learning spaces, loos and storage. This is the Barn.

Why do you want to build The Barn?

Building the Barn will enable more people to benefit from the charity’s activities for more of the year by providing a sheltered, heated learning space.

Will there be more children’s nature-based activities? We will hold more sessions for children during term and holidays because we shall be less weather-dependent.

Will this Renovation and Extension help the charity be more sustainable?

Yes. Our improved facilities will mean we can increase our activities to generate income which will cover 60% of our core costs. Currently we cover only 40% of these.

Will I still be able to volunteer?

Yes, there will be even more volunteering opportunities than there are today including gardening, working with children and helping to run events and workshops.

Will it be beautiful? This Renovation and Extension is modest, nestled among the birch trees on our site. We expect it will be beautiful but not very visible from around the park.