This week in the garden, it has now reached the time of year when the plants in the greenhouse really put on a spurt of growth.


This means that we need to start moving the larger more mature plants out into the cold frames beside the lower greenhouses to harden off before planting them into the vegetable beds. The marrows could be first for this move!


There is still more seed sowing to do. We hope to finish sowing the courgettes, gherkins and melon seeds this week. These will need the extra heat of our heated propagator to get them off to a good start.


Outside the seeds we sowed a few weeks ago in the upper four crop, spinach and Swiss chard have started to germinate nicely. Unfortunately so have the weeds, so it is time to weed these beds before our new vegetable seedlings get swamped by the unwanted competition of the weeds.
The same needs to happen with the Roots bed in the lower four crop where we have planted garlic, parsnips, beetroot and carrots.
The next stage of cultivation will be to thin out some of the rows so that the strongest seedlings have more room to grow into healthy little plants. Also at this early stage in a seedlings life they are very prone to dehydration so it is important for us not to forget to water them regularly!


The fern bank needs to be weeded as do parts of the herb garden.


Watering is becoming a regular garden activity now that the days have lengthened and some (!) of the day time temperatures are rising considerably.


Some paths especially in the woodland area are in need of having a fresh layer of bark chip put on them.


We are creating more signs for the garden including ones with information about our different trees. In preparation for this there are wooden boards that need to be sanded and primed with paint ready for the letter writing to be added.

In other BPCG news,
Minutes of our Volunteer Meeting which we held last Sunday 29th April are here


We are gearing up for our May Fete on May 12th 12pm to 5pm.  Any BPCG volunteers who’d like to be involved with cake baking for the tea, or helping out with children’s activities and serving refreshments on the day, please let Kate know.  We’d love your help!