Proposal for planter under sycamore
agreed Andy would build two  planters.

agreed to empty wooden wheelbarrow and store under cover for winter

Green woodworking now has 8 facilitators who are sharing responsibility for running the sessions

Paul suggested that other volunteers might like the opportunity to chair the volunteer meeting. Agreed that Kate would ask for volunteers in a weekly email item. Paul told the meeting that the green woodworking group now has agreed a document stating its aims and that these have been written to support the aims of the greenhouses.

Diane would like to run more regular dye garden sessions for volunteers.   The meeting agreed Diane should write a brief introduction to these sessions and this should be published in the weekly email.

Diane requested that two seats should be reinstated in the herb garden.    Chris regretted that we had not yet purchased the park benches that were shown on the agreed deck plan.

Mice! We have too many and they are invading the kitchen.   It is essential that staff and volunteers ensure that no dry goods or even crumbs should be left in the kitchen over night.   Chris will order additional mouse traps and set them.

Kate had asked for a discussion about the succulents which were looking very neglected.  It was agreed that we would have a thorough sort out of them composting most and retaining only specimen plants.

Water conservation group.    Chris asked that the activities of the WCG should now be taken on by the volunteer body managed by Cat.   Winter plans for water conservation include:

  • New kitchen garden.
  • Extension to Fern Bank
  • UGH misting
  • Education Bed
  • replace manifold in lower four crop
  • All systems to be examined for breakages over the winter

Gigs greenhouse promoted gigs are finished for this year.     Volunteers with suggestion for artists for next year should contact Kate.