BPCG Volunteers monthly meeting Sunday 26th Jan 2020

Present , Doug, Val, Jim, Grace, Elaine, Sasha, Chris, Cat, Dafydd, Vicky

1) LGH time line 

2) asparagus plants

3) Woodland benches

4) ‘Barn’ update

5) missing power tools


  1. Questions about times lines for work on the LGH.  Chris updating volunteers. Water engineering happening in the next two weeks. Staging in LGH will go back in only once the paving in the UGH is completed. This is because the Education team needs to use LGH for their activities until UGH paving is completed. Then the Education team will transfer their activities back to the UGH and the LGH staging will go back in at that point. Aim for end of Feb for this to be done in time for plant propagating over flow from UGH. 


2) Questions about the asparagus plants that were in the perennial veg bed. Cat has removed them as part of the Kitchen Garden workshops and replaced them with strawberries. ( Asparagus plants sold and given away.) Volunteers meeting discussed how asparagus is a high maintain veg, low in yield, slow to mature, and was not ideally placed by being planted in shallow soil at back of the perennial beg bed.  

Cat explained that the monthly Kitchen Garden workshop series, (very popular – January’s workshop having 26 attendees) aims to introduce volunteers to easy to grow fruit and veg and develop their gardening knowledge, interest and confidence in organic food growing.


3)  Woodland benches. Better Fridays volunteers suggested it would be nice to have one or two places where gardeners and garden visitors could sit down and enjoy the woodland part of the garden. Doug suggested we build some benches or ask if the GW volunteers might do this with us. Siting of woodland seating to be explored further by Better Fridays group. 


4) ‘Barn’ plans were passed around and Chris gave a brief update as to where the funding bid had reached. Volunteers were pleased and liked the solar panels and energy saving ideas incorporated into the plans. 

Questions were asked by Dafydd about the security of the site especially as the new plans  would involve making a second entrance to BPCG’s site. 


5) We need to open up the locked box in the Nissan hut with bolt cutters. We are pleased that most of our tools have been labelled and we are getting better at putting them back in the right place.