Those present Cat, Ant. Chris, Paul,Val, Errol,Diane, Natalie, David. Apologies none.

  1. LGH The decision has been made to leave the rear metal piping in situ as the removal might damage the fragile brick wall to the west of the Greenhouse. Chris and helpers will try to oil the brackets holding the front pipe and then perhaps remove this. Action CS, DR

Long term restoration of the walls needed.


  1. A request for ideas for the planters and seating for the decking beyond the lower Greenhouse was made. Several ideas were put forward including moveable folding tables borrowed from the schools and families group. Ant to ask Helen and Catherine if this is possible. Our ordinary chairs are unsuitable for use on decing due to thin metal legs. Action AG

Chris thought we need to decide on the various uses of the space before deciding on the design of planters and furniture. He was particularly concerned that we consider usage by everyday visitors to the garden. Chris assured volunteers that no action would be taken without a detailed scale drawing being published and discussed.

A suggestion was made that the corporate groups might be given the task of building the planters,


It was decided to hold a planning meeting at the decking site to establish volunteer requirements and responses to staff and trustee use cases on 11th Feb at 2pm . Action CSt by 6 Feb for volunteer mail by that day


Cat should ensure that use cases for her own requirements and are developed by the Children and Families team (for education usage)  and director (for events etc) are available and distributed before this date.. Chris will develop use cases for Pizza and baking events and for everyday visitor usage. Action CSt, HC, CG, KS, CS by 5 Feb for publication as links in volunteer email


  1. Update on corporate group led by Zoe from 3 Elements is to resume work on the decking soon.


  1. A LEAKY PIPE, SEEP HOSE (and not an ordinary hose with holes put in it as proposed by Jo Morrell) to be placed around the Mulberry tree was approved by all present. Action KS to advise JM CSt to acquire Hose


  1. The upper Greenhouse aquaponics suggestion needs to have Robin present to make the proposal so we are waiting to hear back from him.


  1. A request for ideas on what to grow in the passive greenhouse.


Several ideas were put forward including the construction of a fixed wooden growing container this to be made by a corporate group , Action Cat to write up specifications and measurements. By the next meeting


  1. Watering on the site, in view of the Parks dept. decision to meter our water supply.

The Watering Action Group has made some calculations and Cat has identified and measured those beds which require watering. Chris has designed a system of delivery. Action Water conservation group will suggest a design for timing and sensors by the next meeting.


  1. The WAG group will be designing a pilot scheme on collecting water from the roof of the storage building and use leaky hoses and a pump to water the schools and tomato beds. WAG by next meeting


  1. Paul suggested that we could request a reduction in the water bill as we are a charity. Ant said this may not be possible as we are billed from Lambeth and not Thames Water.


  1. Diane suggested that we use two hurdles to create a gateway into the pond dipping platform. Paul has a hurdle made up which can be viewed in the green woodworking area.

There is health and safety reason for having a more substantial barrier to prevent greenhouse visitors children accessing the pond unsupervised.  Action PS to design proposal by next meeting


  1. Paul to contact the schools and families group to seek their views.


  1. Chris stated that the green woodworking project appears on the greenhouses website as ‘workshops’. Diane asked whether it could be put under ‘Projects’ as the Drawing groups and Dye plant project had appeared in the past . Chris replied that these groups are now under archive.


Chris also suggested that the tutor on the green woodworking sessions for which fees would be charged, should be paid a fee, this would consist of a  proportion of the income. A precedent had been set for this when Angie was paid for running a drawing course.


13.For the green woodworking drop in sessions it was suggested that a fee of £2 should be charged. Action KS to review with PS

This money could go towards the tea and coffee supplies



1.Paul to write up the Green woodworking project in greater detail.


  1. Cat stated that Garden meetings would be called Volunteer meetings as they are open to and concern all volunteers.


3.Cat had a meeting with Helen and Catherine and they agreed that the education project should be renamed ‘Children and Families’


  1. Paul asked if he could hold his Birthday party on 11th Feb. at the greenhouses for volunteers and some invited guests, using the cob oven to make some food.This agreed, Ant suggested closing the gate to the walled garden to prevent park visitors from drifting in.