Minutes Volunteers Meeting 24.6.2018 3.30pm at the Greenhouses

Attending: Becky, Ivan, Paul, Dafydd, Chris, Kate, Cat, Katy Jane, Andy, Errol, Marco, Liz

1. Volunteer party 14/7
– who would like to be involved in pulling it together?
Katy Jane, Liz Hughes,Liz Watson, Paul S, Natasha Kirke, Morgan, Ivan, Marco (?) If others would  you’d like to help us have a great party – let Kate know…We will meet up to organise Sunday 8th July 2pm.
Agreed so far: No dogs, volunteers to bring ONE friend and to RSVP with their and their friend’s name, ask people to bring food and / bottle.

2. General Garden issues?
– we need to water twice a day in this very hot weather.
– we need to look out for drought areas that could be missed e.g. planters on the decking, passive greenhouse
– many thanks to Dafydd for offering to do x2 water on Mons, Chris and Andy to cover Tuesday, and JB and Coralie to cover Wednesday.

NB We need Cover for end of July for Chris’s Tuesdays, and Dafydd’s Mondays.

3. General Site Useage? (e.g. private parties next Friday 29th and 30th,  Gigs 1st July, 8th July – evaluate past events…)
– Caution from Dafydd that people borrowing the site should not take over the kitchen any earlier than 4.30pm and preferably 5pm onwards. Also Paul noted that they must be aware that BPCG resources are only available on request e.g. slabs of green wood.  And Kate reminded that the terms of agreement are that people take their recycling and landfill waste away with them.

4.Corporate Volunteer Days….next coming up – 2nd July pm (25 people), 19th July all day (only 8), pos 3rd/9th/10th August (15 people)

5. Site Blitz? Agreed quite a good idea to do this once a month tidying up, sorting. All to down tools and blitz whole site. Best not to announce it –just do it like a fire alarm!

6.Green Woodworking – Paul presented his paper  http://www.brockwellgreenhouses.org.uk/green-woodworking-at-bpcg-review-and-proposal-ps-24-6-18/

There will be Green Woodworking meeting to discuss the future of the group on 29th July 3pm to 5pm, facilitated by Jo Clarke from Abney Cemetry Park.  It’s open to all who are interested. It would be good if one BPCG staff member or a trustee attends.

7. Once a month lunch when we cook up / chop up our produce and eat it.  Who wants to be involved?  – People liked this idea. Katy Jane, Marco and Ivan all said they’d like to help organise. This would be a rota thing so people would sign up to do it once a month. Possible first date August 5th but to be confirmed. We’d eat stuff from the garden but people can also bring in pot luck contributions….

8. If we can secure a fridge/freezer, would people be happy for it to live in Nissan Hut? Yes!

AOB – We think it’s time to use the Loom properly and/or find a better home for it. Kate to ask Diane her thoughts on it.
Katy Jane asked that Kate send her a list of furniture on site (or show her when next on site) that could do with repairing as Green Woodworkers could help with that.