We’re on our way to becoming bodgers!

We’ve recently had a visit from Jon Warwicker, chair of the Association of Pole Lathe Turners and Green Woodworkers (APT)!

Jon obviously had a lovely visit. See the story of his journey to and around BPCG here .

The APT organises a Bodgers’ Ball every year where you can learn about Green Woodworking. There’s a Gazette and online info, and it also supports local groups, which is why Jon came. Do have a look at the website –  and if you’re involved in our BPCG Green Wood group (or about to be) you can join in the new year (best time as it’s calendar membership). We’re hoping to organise a BPCG trip to the Bodgers’ Ball in May 2018!

Our stool and spoon workshops are going well – here’s a picture of Jo Corrigan’s stunning Damson Spoons.

Jo Corrigan'e Damson Spoons pic

Paul Shrubshall


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