With a heavy heart, but to support efforts to contain the virus, we have had to close the Greenhouses for all drop in visiting, volunteering and childrens activities until further notice. We are very sorry.

In the coming weeks to keep us all as happy and healthy as possible

a.  We encourage you to let us know if you would like a phone call. This might be simply for a chat, and/or to request any practical help.  Just email us back to let us know and what number to call you on.

b. Do let us know if you are able to help out with doing any practical stuff for other volunteers such as food deliveries.  Again, just email us back.

c. Got any plant related gardening questions?  Again, just email us with your question.  We might share Qs and As in our forthcoming weekly emails.

d. Don’t worry about the plants and the garden at the Greenhouses.  We will manage to keep everything healthy, fed and watered  so that when things are back to normal, the greenhouses will be just as lovely as always.

e. Although we are outdoor types, we aren’t complete technophobes so we are already running a few Remote learning sessions. Check out Jelena’s  Fermenting here and Emma’s Singing here   Soon, we will be put up a Youtube channel with little Greenhouse films on them which I hope will be entertaining. Helen is filming some story telling sessions for her Story Stompers.  We will keep you posted on these as soon as they are up and running. Let us know any ideas you might have for things you’d like us to try to cover by these methods.