This week in the garden, we will be working on all the fantastic willow that Lambeth kindly let us have from the prunings of the childrens’ willow tunnel in the park playground. We will make bases for Christmas wreaths and we are also going to make willow sculptures of farm animals, the odd reindeer – and in a sign of final total geographical confusion maybe even the odd camel – for BPCG’s alternate nativity scene 2020! So anyone who enjoys this sort of work, please sign up and come along! (There’s a lot of willow!)

Indoors, we will be cleaning seeds and putting these in attractively colour envelopes for stocking fillers for Christmas.  There is also some potting up of succulents to do too.

Outdoors, we will be broadcasting field beans, (a form of green manure) on the squash bed and the other ‘harvested’ vegetable beds. Field beans are a close relative of broad beans and are fully winter hardy. The benefits of sowing field beans on winter vegetable beds are many. They keep the soil biologically active, fix nitrogen in the soil, reduce the risk of runoff if there is heavy rain, protecting the beds from soil erosion, while at the same time the vegetation suppresses weeds. Then in the spring the bean plants can be cut up and dug into the soil to add to the soil’s fertility.

In the upper greenhouse, we are beginning the work of extending our winter growing space by creating a wooden frame to contain a new heated bed, complete with a heated electrical cable. The cable will be laid into horticultural grit which acts as insulation. The combination of the heated cable and grit provides bottom heat to the seedlings when they come out of our heated propagators in the spring.

Remember the clocks go back this weekend, so we will be going over to Winter closing time – the earlier closing time of 4pm so we are not all stumbling around in the park closing the gardens up at the end of the day!  We will adjust the volunteer rota to make morning and afternoon slots fair and equal in terms of time!

Steve De St Croix is offering Green Woodworking inductions for 2 people on Friday October 30 and again for 2 people on Friday November 13. Please get in touch with Steve on if you’d like to take up a place. There will be a small charge.

Sally’s morning (11 to 12.30) and afternoon (2 to 3) yoga classes continue at Station Hall above Herne Hill Station.  For more info and to book go here 

Andy’s Tai Chi on Saturdays (9 to 10) continues outdoors. To book go here

In other news, Read the exciting proposed plans for Brockwell Hall’s restoration here  and here. These plans are now in with Lambeth planning and will soon be submitted to the Heritage Lottery.  Brockwell Park Community Partners invite you to comment on the plans by visiting the above links. The consultation will run until Thursday 5 November 2020. Comments can be left on the Lambeth website or on Lambeth’s Planning Portal. Or you may email BPCP at