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Green Woodworking at Nunhead Cemetery Open Day, 2018

Invited by Tim Stevenson, bodger and friend of the group (we’re borrowing his pole lathe), we turned up with Green Woodworking kit to do some work, enjoy the day and learn from some expert neighbours – Tim, Carol Stevenson and chair maker Ben Willis. Figure 1 Setting up at the beginning of the day We […]

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The journey of a Black Ash from Ealing

This is a story about how a fallen tree is turning into something amazing. It started for me when Carrie Towers, whose garden the tree was growing in, got in touch in August 2017 to say that it had been blown down one windy night. It had been bought down because of a fungus, Inonutus […]

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We’re on our way to becoming bodgers!

We’ve recently had a visit from Jon Warwicker, chair of the Association of Pole Lathe Turners and Green Woodworkers (APT)! Jon obviously had a lovely visit. See the story of his journey to and around BPCG here . The APT organises a Bodgers’ Ball every year where you can learn about Green Woodworking. There’s a […]

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Green Woodworking Group at BPCG

What is green woodworking? We work freshly cut wood into functional and beautiful furniture and other wooden utensils using traditional hand tools, reviving past practices and looking forward to different ways of making and thinking about everyday objects. It’s all about: an ecological approach to making and design, starting with the materials we have to […]

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Fig 8 Paul putting the frame trogether

Building a Roof for our Cob Oven

Back in 2015 Robert and Lydia Somerville, with Joel Hendry and many volunteers, built a barn at their home in Burnham Green (Fig 1). Robin from BPCG went along to help and learn timber-framing skills. Meanwhile back in Herne Hill volunteers had made a cob-oven for community feasts. This was in need of a roof […]

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